Talking Points with Individuals

  • All citizens should have equal voice in the political process, and no person or artificial legal entity should gain undue influence over government as a result of financial resources. Federal, state, and local governments shall be fully empowered to regulate all political contributions and expenditures to meet this goal.
  • All political contributions and expenditures should be publicly disclosed in a full and timely manner.
  • Democracy means one person, one vote, but our present Supreme Court has decided that those with money can spend unlimited and anonymous dollars to influence elections and legislation, using ‘independent’ committees, organizations, and SuperPACs. The megaphone of unlimited $$$$, has a markedly unbalanced influence on elections and politicians.
  • Allowing unlimited money in elections means our representatives spend most of their time fundraising instead of working on real solutions to real problems. Of necessity, the time they do spend on legislation must serve the needs of their major donors, not the needs of We the People.
  • Most independent spending (70-80%) buys negative advertising — because it’s effective.  Allowing unlimited “dark” money in elections greatly increases negative advertising.
  • We are not against corporations, but they should NOT be treated as the equal of real people in the constitution. When unlimited political power is given to unchecked economic power, the result is plutocracy, not democracy. We must clarify the difference between corporations and real people in the constitution, so that courts don’t get to decide what rights corporations have.

    Adapted from:
    The Washington State Coalition to Amend the U.S. Constitution
    P.O. Box 17939
    Seattle WA, 98127