Key Accomplishments

Key Accomplishments: The Coalition to Restore Democracy has worked on a wide variety of projects on overturning Citizens United, getting big money out of politics, campaign finance reform and fair elections.


June 25 – held press conference with Alderman Joe Moore to announce City of Chicago resolution calling on Congressional delegation to overturn Citizens United

June 27 – Resolution introduced by Alderman Moore in Chicago City Council

July 23 –City Council passed resolution by unanimous consent

November 6 – City of Chicago residents vote 74% to 26% to support a 28th constitutional amendment to limit corporate spending. On the same day over 2 million Illinois voters in the following districts and Chicago voted YES to amend the US Constitution to overturn Citizens United and to end corporate and other special interest rule by abolishing corporate personhood.

  • Lisle Township – DuPage County
  • City of Warrenville
  • Avon Township – Lake County
  • Northfield Township – Cook County
  • Oak Park Township – Cook County
  • Champaign Township – Champaign County
  • Cunningham Township – Champaign County
  • Carbondale Township – Jackson County
  • County of Kane
  • City of Chicago

November Prairie Resolution


January – organized a rally at the Federal Plaza on the 3rd anniversary of the Citizens United decision with over 150 in attendance

January/Feb/March – meeting with state legislators to seek sponsors and bi-partisan support for our state resolution calling on Congress to overturn Citizens United (SJR 27 – see separate section on this resolution)

April 17 – conducted Lobby Day in Springfield for SJR 27

May 1- Senate Executive Committee votes to support SJR 27 in Springfield

May 14 –Our resolution passes the Senate 37 yes, 9 no with bi-partisan support

May 31 – Our resolution passes the House 80 yes, 36 no and 2 present

July 21 – sponsored event with Jim Hightower, political commentator and author of the Hightower Lowdown, with over 250 in attendance.

August 8 – participated in and promoted a protest of ALEC at their annual meeting in the Palmer House

Summer and Fall of 2013 – conducted Congressional Accountability Campaign, met with Congresspersons in Illinois to follow-up on state resolution calling on them to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Gained support of Brad Schneider, Mike Quigley, Robin Kelly, Bill Enyart, Rodney Davis, and Tammy Duckworth.

September/October 2013 –lobbied and successfully defeated changes in state legislation (HB2454) that would have blocked citizens from placing advisory questions on township ballots

November 13 – sponsored Ben Cohen of Stamp Stampede to speak on money in politics


February 25 – sponsored and promoted special screening of “Shadows of Liberty”, a film on corporate control of the media, to kick off a coast to coast tour

April 2 – held rapid response protest rally on day of the McCutcheon decision which lifted limits on aggregate individual contributions

June 28 – sponsored Mike Papantonio at Pinstripes in Northbrook. It was standing room only for the Ring of Fire radio personality and regular guest of MSNBC

June 14 – promoted viewing of Citizen Koch at the Gene Siskel Center

September 3 – organized rally in front of Senator Mark Kirk’s office urging him to sign on to SJR19, the Democracy for All Amendment. Presented him with 60,000 petitions gathered by member organizations of Money Out/Voters In

Coalition has grown to 25 member organizations and hundreds of individuals